8 Crazy and Weird Coffee Beans

Do you have a favourite coffee bean? Do you ever wish you could try something a little different? Of course you do.

Taste is subjective – you either like something or you don’t. But trying strange new things can scintillate the taste-buds in exciting and new found ways. Strange coffee beans are no exception!

We love coffee. The taste, the aroma, the buzz, and that little ritual you go through every time you make a cup.

We also love exploring everything new and wonderful in the world of coffee and we’re buzzing with excitement to bring you our top 8 strangest coffee beans that you can try as well!​

1. Weasel Puke Coffee

For reasons that are yet unclear to us, some people feel uncomfortable drinking coffee beans that have made their way through an animal’s digestive tract and out its rear end…

Fortunately, there is an alternative for those who are picky about where their strange coffee beans come from.

Barfed up by the vietnamese weasel, these coffee beans gain their unique flavor after the outer cherry of the bean has been digested, and the remaining bean extruded back out of the weasels mouth.

Weasel puke coffee may not be branded in a way that makes you think “yummm”, but rest assured, those who have tried it attest to it’s unique and delicious flavor.​

2. Death Wish Coffee

Intrigued by the name? So were we. These beans claim the title of the world’s strongest coffee. If your quadruple shot espresso isn’t quite giving you the finger-drumming jitters you need of a morning, Death Wish Coffee might just be the ticket.

​You can expect your coffee to be twice as strong as you’re used to, and the unique roasting process and blend of beans guarantees way more flavor than your regular cup of coffee.

The makers of Deathwish Coffee even offer a full refund if this isn’t the strongest coffee you’ve ever had!

​Meet your (coffee) maker and live a little dangerously.

3. Vanilla Flavored Monkey Spit Coffee

Don’t be confused by the name. These beans are literally sucked by a monkey and spat back out.

Why would you ever drink something that’s been half digested by our primate cousins? Because of the unique vanilla flavor!

The coffee farmers of Taiwan are fighting a losing battle with caffeine crazed simians who suck the cherry and spit out the bean. It took one adventurous farmer to muster his courage and try these spat out monkey beans. And yes; they do have a unique vanilla taste!

Don’t expect to pick them up from your local market, however. These are a rare delicacy and sourcing them can be as difficult as it is to stomach the idea of semi-masticated monkey coffee beans.​

4. Indian Monsooned Malabar Coffee

If you’ve ever experience monsoonal weather then you’ll know it’s wet. Very, very wet. How is this relevant to your coffee?

Before we invented faster ships to transport cargo across the world, coffee beans from India would undertake a long voyage and thus were subjected to varying degrees of moisture along their way.

This process resulted in expanded beans with a unique and mellow flavor. However, the flavor disappeared once we modernised out transportation methods.

The flavor lost, but not forgotten, some enterprising farmers from India reintroduced this process by exposing harvested beans to the monsoonal weather. The end result is a unique and flavorsome experience that you seriously have to try!​

5. Jacu Bird Coffee

A list of the strangest coffee beans isn’t complete without a bean that an animal has eaten and excreted.

Yup, the Jacu bird is a fussy eater and only picks and eats the tastiest of coffee beans.

Fortunately for us, this means that Jacu poop is full of only the best tasting beans available and once roasted, these make for one of the most desirably delicious and unique tasting coffees available.

Obtaining Jacu Coffee isn’t the easiest – both for the farmers and for the consumers.

Approximately three hundred kilos are produced per year, only. The only thing that’s not strange about this coffee is the high price.

6. Whiskey Barrel Coffee

Your refined pallet is a wonderful thing. Enjoying the rich chocolaty undertones of an espresso or the warmer notes of a fine whiskey are some of the simplest pleasures in life.

Next to coffee, whiskey must be our second favourite drink. So when we heard that a group who share our two passions have spent years perfecting their Whiskey Barrel Coffee by sourcing the perfect coffee beans and the finest bourbon barrels to create the perfect flavor ratio of whiskey to coffee – we had to check that we weren’t dreaming

This commitment to perfection even extends to packaging. Your order of beans is shipped in a hand packaged, labeled and marked whiskey bottle that looks as beautiful as its contents taste. This makes it perfect if you’re searching for that perfect gift for a coffee/whiskey lover (bonus points if they love both!)

7. Spicy Taco flavored Coffee

Yes – you heard us. Definitely one of the most unusual coffee beans on our list for taste alone.

Spicy Taco Flavored Coffee is one of the many weird and wonderful creations from the people at CoffeeAM.

​You obviously love your coffee, but do you love Mexican food? If your answer is yes, we still make no guarantees that your going to enjoy this strange and wonderful creation.

​But variety is the spice of life! So perhaps it’s worth giving it a try at least once to see how it fairs.

​These beans will provide you with hints of Mexican seasonings and a good dash of spicy chilli as well. Go on, be adventurous!

8. Vanilla Flavored Coffee Beans

It’s common for people to order their coffee with a shot of sickly sweet high fructose syrup to give them the smooth vanilla taste that they crave.

However, whilst some beans do have natural hints of vanilla included in their tasting notes, it is possible for you to find beans that have been intentionally infused with the taste of natural vanilla; thus avoiding the over-sugary additions that are the bane of most baristas.

We’ll admit, vanilla coffee isn’t too strange. But we felt it cruel to offer the rare and impossible to find Monkey Spit Vanilla Coffee without an alternative.

The best thing about this? You can infuse your regular coffee beans with vanilla flavour, along with virtually any other flavor-packed spices you can think of!

Of course if none of these coffee beans catch your fancy, you can always get the perfect cup of coffee at The Brew House Coffee in Marshalltown!

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