The Top 6 TV Show Coffee Shops

Some people wish to win the lottery. Others dream of one day traveling across the world and experiencing all of the different cultures. For many coffee lovers and TV fanatics, enjoying a cup of java at a fictional cafe is at the top of their wish lists. We completely understand, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the coolest TV show coffee shops that we hope actually exist in some sort of alternate universe.

1. Central Perk – ‘Friends’

Whether you’re the Monica or Ross of your group of friends, there’s a “Friends” character who you closely identify with. Central Perk is the fictional coffee shop that acts as the setting for the majority of the series. All six of the New Yorkers gather around the same table to hang out and drink their beloved morning brew at all hours of the day and make even the most secure people jealous of their strong bond. Any coffee lover who grew up in the 90s would likely list the coffee shop as his or her dream spot to enjoy a cup of java. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hang with Jennifer Aniston?

2. Monk’s Cafe – ‘Seinfeld’

Another fictional diner set in New York, Monk’s Cafe is the spot where Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine sit and discuss the unbelievable antics of their daily lives. One of the most popular comedies of its time, “Seinfeld” showed viewers that there’s humor to be found in every stressful situation, and there’s no such thing as normalcy. We can also thank the show for making “the Elaine dance” a thing. Watch the dance and try to tell us it wasn’t caffeine-induced.

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3. Luke’s Diner – ‘Gilmore Girls’

What better way to bond with your mother than over a cup of coffee? “Gilmore Girls” characters Lorelai and Rory would meet at the fictional Luke’s Diner to talk about all types of uncomfortable mother-daughter topics, like dating and school. Unfortunately, this coffee shop doesn’t exist, so you’ll have to reflect on your awkward teenage years somewhere else.

4. Cafe Nervosa – ‘Frasier’

Set in Seattle, “Frasier” was a popular show that was a spin-off of the beloved Boston-based series “Cheers.” While the original show was set in a bar, “Frasier” took place at Cafe Nervosa, where two brothers would often enjoy espresso. If this were real, we’d love to get a taste of the shop’s coffee and later hang out with Eddie, Frasier’s father’s Jack Russell Terrier.

5. Rear Window Brew – ‘Pretty Little Liars’

If you can’t get enough of young women gossiping over coffee, then the Rear Window Brew in “Pretty Little Liars” is most likely your ideal fictional cafe. Not only would you be able to talk to Lucy Hale and get the real scoop on her co-stars, but you’d also have a shot at joining the exclusive clique. Plus, the name of the cafe is a reference to Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window,” which just adds to its appeal.

6. Espresso Pump – ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Children of the 90s are probably all too familiar with the Espresso Pump, the cafe that was home to Buffy and her friends in the hit show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” When you think about it, coffee and vampire slaying is a perfect combination. After all, you need to stay awake to catch vampires, and what better way to stay alert than with coffee? We’d love to be a fly on the wall in the cafe to hear about all of the plotting first hand.

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