The Best Desserts to Pair With Your Favorite Caffeine Fix Revealed

With the coffee drinking scene continuing to grow , baristas and cafe owners are putting more thought into the cakes and pasties that accompany your beverage.

And while coffee matching rules are not as hard and fast as wine pairing ones, there are still some things you should consider.

So the next time you order a latte and reach for a slice of cake, you might want to want to rethink your choice of dessert and have a Chelsea bun instead.

The next time you order your coffee give some thought to your choice of pastry 

The next time you order your coffee give some thought to your choice of pastry

The classic English pastry has been identified as the perfect accompaniment to a creamy latte, as well as a cinnamon swirl and a pain au raisin.

And espressos are best paired with chocolate truffles or a mini raspberry coulis.

Flat whites are best accompanied by a blueberry muffin, and a plain black coffee is best  with a glazed ring doughnut.

From lattes to espresso and Americano to cafe au lait, here are some picks for the best puddings and pastries to accompany your cup of java.

Lattes have a light espresso flavour

A hearty Chelsea bun is the perfect accompaniment to cup of latte

 A latte which has a light espresso flavour is best complemented with a Chelsea bun

LATTE: Cinnamon swirl, Chelsea bun or pain au raisin

Something big and hearty has to go with the light texture and sweetness of a latte.

Delicate spice and toasted pastry flavours should work best, allowing you to detect the light espresso flavour through the warm milk.

ESPRESSO: Chocolate truffle or mini raspberry couli

Espresso is strong and short drink, your taste buds will be exposed to very intense tastes when you drink it and any accompaniment needs to either pack an equally intense punch or complement in an alternative and cleansing way.

I would suggest the chocolate truffle be paired with a fruity espresso and the raspberry couli with a more chocolatey espresso.


A light fluffy muffin (blueberry is my choice of sweet) should accompany your flat white really well but if you are prepared to take things a little further a ham and cheese sweet/savoury muffin works even better!

IRISH COFFEE: Cheese and crackers

Definitely an end of meal, post-dessert drink this is best paired with cheese – perhaps a crumbly hard cheese like a Lancashire –  and sweet crackers but maybe avoid the chutney.

Glazed ring doughnuts bring out the flavour of black coffee
Plain black coffee is best served with doughnuts

Glazed ring doughnuts  will bring out the flavor profile of a plain black coffee


Amaretti for dipping, avoid any extra milk or other intense flavours when it comes to this drink.


Black coffee with tends to have a more delicate flavor profile than coffee brewed in other ways. Drink it with a glazed ring doughnut to make the most of the coffee flavors.

AMERICANO: Baked New York cheesecake

A cheesecake and an Americano should sit together really nicely… you will generally end up with a much more developed bitterness in an Americano and the heavy fat and intense sweetness from this cheesecake should balance that perfectly.

MOCHA: Marshmallows

Opt for good quality squidgy vanilla marshmallows as this drink already has all the flavour going on. It just needs the addition of a little extra sweetness and texture from the desert.

Good quality vanilla marshmallows work well with a mocha
A mocha has strong flavours

Good quality marshmallows  will complement the strong flavors of a mocha

CAFE AU LAIT: Croissant

A French classic, this should really be accompanied by croissant and blackcurrant jam.

CORTADO: Custard tart

An espresso cut with a small amount of milk, this coffee is Spanish or Portuguese in origin, so I would lean towards a Portuguese (custard) tart for this.

MACCHIATO: Almond brittle

To go with this espresso topped with foamy milk, choose almond brittle, which has short, intense caramelised sweetness but tastes more like toffee than sugar.

AFFOGATO: Best by itself 

This coffee is the dessert, in which an espresso is poured over ice cream so it should require no addition!

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